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A filling is a way to protect & repair damaged tooth structure due to cavity or decay or fracture. It restores the functionality of the tooth and prevents the tooth from further damage.

When is dental filling needed?

  1. Decayed/ Carious tooth
  2. Cavity
  3. Discoloured tooth
  4. Chipped or crack or fractured tooth
  5. Worn out tooth
Dental Filling Treatment in Ahmedabad

Dental Filling Treatment in Ahmedabad

Dental Filling Treatment depends on how extensive the decay is. It depends on the severity of wear out of a tooth and various other factors which are determined by a Dentist during your regular check up.

* Not all decayed tooth can be treated just by dental fillings.

What are different types of fillings?

Dental fillings are usually of 4 types

  1. Amalgam/Silver/ Metal fillings
  2. Composite fillings
  3. Glass ionomer fillings
  4.  Ceramic fillings

Each of these are used to restore the tooth and are durable enough, but the selection is solely done by the dentist considering the area of decay, amount of decay, aesthetics and budget of patient.

What is the procedure?

The carious portion or unhealthy part of the tooth is removed using drill. Once all the decay has been removed the dentist fills the area with the selected filling. Sometimes anaesthesia may be given to the patient only if required.

Often, a dentist might advice you to get a crown done after filling depending on how extensive and severe the damage was for longevity of the filling.

At Dantaah we offer a thorough check up of the patients. Our professionals explains the treatment required and the procedure involved to help you make an informed decision. We offer all kind of dental filling treatment in ahmedabad with advanced technology for both, children & adults. Our Dental Professionals are precisely skilled to make your Dental fillings experience, a pleasant one.

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