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Get a pain-free Root Canal Treatment in Ahmedabad from a top-rated specialist dentist for a permanent solution.

"What is Root Canal Treatment?"

Root canal treatment is one of the most commonly performed dental treatment. It is the most safe and effective method of preserving a natural tooth, which otherwise would have been removed.

"Why do we need Root Canal Treatment?"

Whenever there is a deep cavity or pain in tooth or the tooth is broken or discoloured or there is complaint of prolonged sensitivity, a Root Canal Treatment may be required. However, sometimes the patient is completely asymptomatic. Our tooth is made up of three different layers. The first outer whitest layer is Enamel, the second light yellowish coloured soft layer is called Dentin and the inner most sensitive layer is called the Pulp which keeps the tooth alive. When the decay or bacteria reaches the pulp, which contains nerve fibres, patient usually complains of pain or sensitivity to hot or cold.

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"How is root canal treatment done?"

During the procedure, patient is anesthetised locally, removing the damaged portion of the affected tooth, the diseased or dead pulp tissue is removed, and the canals are shaped and then filled with “Guttapercha”

RCT is usually a painlessprocedure, one of the most commonly done and the only procedure to save your tooth after, it gets infected.If the affected tooth is not treated, the decay spreads and may cause infection. Once the bone gets infected it may lead to abscess formation. In this condition chances of spreading the infection to jaw increases. Hence the other teeth may get infected, and chances to remove the affected tooth increases.

"What's next after Root Canal Treatment?"

After completion of Root canal treatment, the dentist fills up the tooth with permanent restoration and advice the patient to get a crown on the tooth. The main function of a crown is to prevent fracture of the treated tooth and restore its function.

"Is this the permanent solution? Or Are there risk of getting reinfection?"

Root canal treatment is a permanent solution in 90% of the cases. Failure or Re infection may occur due to bacterial contamination. It also depends on a patient’s immune response and oral hygiene. So, it is extremely important to go for follow-up appointments and get checked regularly.

At Dantaah, Root Canal Treatment is done by highly trained specialized professionals known as Endodontists. We usually prefer doing single sitting RCTs depending on the condition of the tooth and patient’s comfort and convenience. All our instruments are sterilized prior to any treatment and each patient is checked using instruments in the specialized sterile pouches. We promise high safety, advance technology with maximum patients comfort.

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